Graft 4 hire

Offsite events

Good wine is the fuel of any great party. We can source and procure the perfect wines for any offsite event (wedding/party/dinner/etc) with competitive pricing. There is no order too small or too big. Your friends will thank you. Beer and other fun stuff available too.


Thinking about opening your own place or want to train your staff on service / knowledge? Let Graft help you put together a great list and/or get your staff ready for anything wine related.


Need great wine service for an event or dinner? Look no further, the boys at Graft bring the heat and the beat. We can roll up in a tuxedo or a tank-top - let us pick out wines and entertain your guests. 

Case Building

Let Graft take the wheel and put together an assortment of wines for you. Tell us what you like, how many bottles you want, what you want to spend then swing by and pick up your wine, easy as that!